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Plastic Seat, Steering Wheel, & Gear Shift Covers

The best quality seat covers on the market, manufactured by Slip-N-Grip®, the brand of choice for most new car manufacturers in the United States. These seat covers are constructed from a coextruded multi-layer film, where the top layer allows technicians to "slip" in and out of vehicles easily, while the bottom layer "grips" the seat of the car so the covers stay in place. We carry the economy .5 mil rolls of 500 seat covers and the premium .7 mil rolls of 250 seat covers.

Our steering wheel covers, which are also made by Slip-N-Grip® slide over the entire steering wheel, offering total protection from being touched during service.

Gear shift covers offer protection when vehicles are being serviced, since the gear shift is one of the areas of the vehicle that come into close contact with the driver's hand.